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Crimes Committed by Readers

  Hello! Today's post is something I'm very excited for, as it's a quiz! I've done quizzes before, like the book addict one and fandom one. Check them out if you're interested! If you're here, there's a very, very high chance that you've read at least one book in your life, even if it was for school. Now, a lot of readers have committed crimes against their books. This highly hurts the class of people called the 'Book Protection Squad'. Let's see if you guys did any of this.  Rules: Add the numbers for the ones you've done, and then check for the grading system at the bottom. Good luck! Quiz!: 1. Spilled something on it (+1 point) 2. Torn a page (+1 point) 3. Dog-eared a page (+1 point) 4. Folded a page (kind of similar, but still) (+1 point) 5. Scribbled directly on the book, with a pen/marker (+2 points) 6. Scribbled directly on the book with a pencil (+1 point) 7. Thrown a book very hard (I don't care if the book made you wanted to
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Writing Reviews

  Hello! I'm gonna start with a disclaimer: this entire post consists of my personal opinions, so feel free to disagree. I know most of my old reviews don't follow some of the stuff I've mentioned here, because I didn't know that then- I'm still learning! I really hope my future reviews will be much better. Also, this post isn't a step-by-step guide, more of a general thought on reviews. Introduction: Okay, so you can start however you want. You could include a photo of your book (if you're doing a book review- though applicable for all reviews), the blurb, how you found out about the book etc. You can also mention content/trigger warnings, and the ideal age group. But you can talk about this stuff later on, too. Really, it's up to you. It's your world, so you get to paint it. The review: I'd like to go over some points I've recently thought of.  Personally, when writing reviews, I try not to look at other reviews. This is to make sure my rev

Judging Books By Their Cover?

We've all heard of it. Never judge a book by the cover. Meaning, it's what's inside that counts, not the outer shell you see when you first glance at someone or something.  Today I'm going to be doing the opposite: I'll be judging books by their cover. I had my cousin send a whole bunch of them, so shout out to her. I also asked over on Instagram, and since I got a lot of responses, unfortunately I won't be able to talk about them all.  Just so you know, this is just for fun!  Right, here goes nothing:  1.  Reminds me of 2010's dystopian era books with smudges of fantasy. I might pick it up from school's library if there's nothing else, or if I see someone reading it, but maybe not actually buy it (without reading the blurb, of course) 2. Also dystopian vibes, but a bit more recent-y? I don't know. Not gonna lie, I'd probably be interested in reading it just by the cover. Ooh also sci-fi! The title makes it seem like the kind of stuff for mo

Call of the Void

  Do you guys remember the story I mentioned in the last post? Well, thought I'd post it here. I didn't feel like editing it, so enjoy a very rough version of my work (not that my work is ever fine or even moderately polished, but still).  Call of the Void   ‘L’appel du vide’. That’s what my cousin Bahar called it. I mean, she’s the one who’s been taking French classes, not me. It means ‘call of the void’, which she further explained was that feeling, the urge you get to jump off high places. Basically, the thrill you get when you’re doing something recklessly. But you don’t actually do that, do you?   I massaged my forehead. Just what did I get myself into? It was supposed to be fun. A nice, simple fair, where me and my cousins could hang out and pretend life was okay. Not standing on the ledge of a vent ramp, gripping my old skateboard for dear life. I couldn’t do this. I mean, I could. Technically, I guess. I’ve done tricks like this before. But those were just for fun. I

February 2022 Wrap-Up

I guess we'll be doing these every month, or frequently enough. It makes it easy to talk a little bit about the books I've picked up and crossed off my endless TBR. If there's a book I have a lot to talk about, I'll write a separate review for it. Let's see how it goes. And yes no one should should show this blog post to my English teacher, 'cause I'm deliberately trying to not use sentence linkers (we have to use SO MANY in school and the teacher would still say that's not enough. Yeah, I have weird ways of being annoying about stuff). Before getting into books, let's talk about the month as a whole. I guess it's safe to say this year's February was pretty cool. Of course I can't talk about all the stuff that happened, 'cause privacy and stuff. And I did have a lot of pressure from school, which sucked. But even in general, February is such a short month. There were a lot of cool dates this month, like 02/02/22, 20/02/22, and of cour

Outwitting Holmes

     Sometimes I figure out what happens/had happened before the protagonist does, and oh my goodness, it's one of the best feelings ever. It makes me feel like I'm a genius like Sherlock Holmes. Even if the main character completes the puzzle later, the story can still be interesting as long as the suspense is managed right.   Anyhow, I've been reading a lot of mystery books recently, and I've realized there are certain ways you can predict the ending. Obviously, this is in terms of stories, and there are more variables in real life, so you can't figure it all out (Kaz Brekker knows, and he's one of the smartest characters). So, let's run the points down, shall we?   1. If it's a whodunnit mystery, the culprit has probably been introduced by the first third of the book. From my experience, that's usually what happens. Sure, sometimes authors introduce the 'bad guy' five pages before the book ends, to make both you and the characters feel stu

2000 Views! + January Reading Wrap-up

  I am an idiot who colossally messes up fifty times a second . That's an exaggeration, but you get what I mean. Remember when I forgot my 100th post? Yeah. So something like that happened again .  Ok, so you guys know my last post, the one that's a random chat? You know how I said we were really close to 2000 views here? Guess what , I didn't refresh my dashboard that day, and when I finally did after posting it, I found out I had reached that goal the day before . Freaking hilarious, am I right? Well, all that aside, thank you guys so much! I'm really grateful for all of your support. Hopefully you'll continue cheering me on in this journey. I might do something special for this occasion, but I'm not sure what yet. Maybe I'll do something if we reach 150 followers over on the Instagram account (which is also pretty crazy).  Anyways, I wanted to do a quick monthly wrap up. I did read quite a few books this January (the month lasted pretty long, in m