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Letter Writing: Old Fashioned?

Note: This blog post is going to be a little bit different, as it's neither a review nor a list of something, but rather just a thought based discussion. I actually tried writing this a while back, but I wasn't sure where I was going with it, so I deleted it. This time, I thought I'd just go along with it!

Let's be honest: how many times have you sent or received a letter in the last ten years or so? I'm going to take a wild guess and say, not many. But truth is, in the world of emails, instant texts and video calls, who needs letters? That's a great argument. Letters take time to arrive, and in this digital world, time seems to be the last thing we have. 

But there's just something so nostalgic about picking up a pen and paper. Which might seem a bit strange, considering I wasn't born when letters were very popular, but they unlock a memory I didn't even know I had inside me. 

So, anyways, what do you need to write a letter? Just a pen, piece of paper, stamp, envelope and a person to send it to! Not that much, if you think about it. Do you have a pen pal? It can be someone you already know, or you can use a website (I've never used any, but make sure they're safe beforehand!). 

Don't be scared of writing a letter because of social media's too high standards. It can be messy, but that's what makes it so unique and special. You don't have to include things like stickers and postcards, unless you want to. Remember, everything you do is because you decided to, not because you felt like it was expected from you.

There's of course a textbook format for writing letters, but you don't have to follow that. Write whatever you want to. Maybe in the end it wouldn't look like a letter at all, and instead a page filled with song recommendations, but hey, it's personal.

So this week, I'd like to challenge you to pick up a pen and paper, and write a letter. You don't necessarily have to post it; it's not easy to do so during a pandemic. But just give it a shot, and I hope it will be rewarding for you. It's really fun, I promise.

You can also include other things, but again, this is totally your choice. Examples include but are not limited to: vintage stamps, postcards, quotes, song/book/movie recommendations, stickers and more. 

So, on a different note, I'm still continuing the 1000 views special blog recommendation thing. Today's blog I'd like to highlight? None other than ! Fun fact- this is actually the blog that inspired me to start this blog over here! So, what's Memories Thru Lens about? Well, as the title suggests, there are lots and lots of cool photos from all over the world! Not just that, but also history or information about the places the photos have been taken from! Interesting, right? Memories Thru Lens turned a year old last month, so go check out the blog and wish it 'Happy Birthday!'!

That's all for today. Did you complete the challenge, or are planning to? Comments are highly appreciated! Thanks for reading my blog!

Note: Not sponsored and just my opinions.


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